About Me

Stacy Francis Malesiewski

Stacy: "Resurrected";  Francis: "Free"

I've struggled a bit with what to write here. I mean, what can I tell you "about me" that you haven't already gathered from the site? I'm a mother. I'm a wife. I'm a writer.  I'm a Nutritionist and Health Coach. And I'm Catholic.

But I didn't used to be any of those things. Sure, I was baptized Catholic as an infant back in 1976. Sure, I went to a Catholic grade school and made the regular Sacraments. But when age afforded me some freedom to make my own choices, my faith was not a part of my life anymore. It was the first thing to go. You may be wondering: why include this on the "About Me" page?  Well, because, today it actually reinforces what I am doing with my life.

You see, I spent a good portion of my life taking all the "wrong roads". And now I can say, with absolute certainty, that THIS is in fact the right road. That Jesus IS the way, the truth and the life.  I can say with absolute certainty that the other ways are dead end streets--fruitless, lifeless, unsatisfying--when compared to this way of grace and new life.

God waited patiently for me as I explored the path of self-destruction and, at just the right time, he picked me up out of the ditch. He washed me clean and breathed His spirit into me.  He set me on my feet, on His path, and began immediately to pour blessings upon me--a husband, children, work, health and the list goes on.

And so, what can I tell you "About Me"? I am a daughter of the Almighty, redeemed and healed. I am undeserving, but I am loved. I am imperfect, and yet, I am resurrected and free to become one in the image and likeness of God.

It is for this reason that I do what I do, here on this site and in life. I give my life to God...the one who had given it back to me, after I squandered it. All that I own, all that I have, all that I experience has its roots in Him. Truly, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)