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Faces of the Resurrection

Posted on 8/29/2015 by Stacy Mal

How forty days of prayer changed my heart and the course of our family, as we head "back to school."

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Weighing Life

Posted on 8/2/2015 by Stacy Mal

Weighing the value of all life in the wake of recent news headlines. The differences between Cecil the Lion and aborted babies.

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The Call of All Calls

Posted on 4/7/2015 by Stacy Mal

A few thoughts on the Catholic priesthood, after attending my brother's ordination last week.

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We Are Making It

Posted on 3/25/2015 by Stacy Mal

Marking the one year anniversary of leaving our hometown.

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We're All Maze Runners

Posted on 12/30/2014 by Stacy Mal

Looking back on 2014....

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More on the Bar of Motherhood

Posted on 12/16/2014 by Stacy Mal

For those times when it seems like God actually DOES give us MORE than we can handle...

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Posted on 12/4/2014 by Stacy Mal

For all you Momma's up in the middle of the night, practicing the Corporal Works of Mercy...

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We're All Believers

Posted on 1/27/2014 by Stacy Mal

This one is in response to some recent frustration I've had with those who contunually attack Christians and/or Christian beliefs - more specifically, with those who attack us traditional Christians. It is to you, my "progressive" friends, that I write this to. Be careful, be very careful: your words don't someday come back to haunt you. May the God of Truth open your eyes if you should decide to give this a read...

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My Darkest Hour

Posted on 7/23/2013 by Stacy Mal

"Yet I am writing you a new command; its truth is seen in him and you, because the darkness is passing and the true light is already shining." (1 John 2:8)

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Hidden Spring

Posted on 4/7/2013 by Stacy Mal

Understanding the patience of God through a hidden seed and early Spring.

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