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Clown Baby

Posted on 1/17/2018 by Stacy Mal

Appreciating the gift of my second born child...

This beautiful thang is my second born daughter. I went into labor with her while watching America's Funniest Home Videos, laughing my arse off at a montage of old people trying their hand at pogo sticks and trampolines. I was so hysterical that I started having contractions. I literally laughed this baby right out of me... and quickly, too. We almost didn't make it to the hospital.

The way she entered the world was indicative of things to come. What I would soon find out is that my second baby was a little clown baby. As soon as she could control her hands she was playing peekaboo and trying to tickle my chin; as soon as she could walk she was hiding from mommy, climbing out of her crib, and trying to scare me. Nowadays, as she nears her 15th birthday she STILL keeps me laughing.

Whether it's making memes of herself, singing in strange voices, acting out hilarious scenarios, or 
dancing in the kitchen... or the living room... or dining room... or... well, wherever there's a floor. 
Her spirit and her zest for life is so contagious even our simple drives around town are a blast when she is with me. Her beauty and creativity and love for music and the arts magnifies it a hundred fold. 
Sometimes it just takes your breath away.

So, in the spirit of "protect life" week, I am reflecting on her, too... on what a gift she is and how much gratitude I have for her life. I guess when I was pregnant with her, some could have said it was a difficult situation... I was severely unhealthy (spent most of my first pregnancy on bed rest). Our first daughter had colic, was up screaming all night, every night. And I wasn't working because of it all.

In this country, that would have been enough to end the pregnancy. (Many are ended for even lesser reasons than that.) But that never crossed our minds. And thank God. If I would have ended that pregnancy because of a fear that it might be too difficult, I would have forever lost the laughter that has healed me time and time again. That fear could have robbed me of millions of smiles, countless laughs... and I mean the "laugh until your stomach hurts" (or puts you in labor) kind of laughs.

If I would have let fear win, all the bright beautiful moments with her would be just dark empty holes of what could have been. I wouldn't have known exactly what "could have been" with her, but I think I would have sensed the loss. In fact, I'm sure of it.

And yes, I have other kids, and they all bring me great joy. But God creates each child with unique gifts that no one else can replace... gifts that in some distinct and matchless way, bless each and every person in their life. Every soul is one-of-a-kind, created for a one-of-a-kind purpose. 
Just like my beautiful AFV clown baby, whose light sure has cast out quite a bit of darkness in my world. 
I'm praying today that all those considering abortion out of fear are blessed today with an unavoidable ray of hope... and a joyful expectation of the gift.

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