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Dehumanizing a Species

Posted on 3/15/2018 by Stacy Mal

The real issue behind the pro-choice movement.

I’m not going to be nicey nice in this post… I’m not going to sugar coat anything or tip-toe around the truth… nope, not today… so the sensitive types may want to keep scrolling.

I came across this article today and my blood started to boil, my eyes started to water, my heart started to hurt. The pro-choice “movement” wants abortion to be a political issue about rights (the rights of the mother, of course, not the rights of the child.) But the cold hard truth is that this is NOT a political issue. It’s a humanity issue.

Politics deal with policies, guidelines, laws, rights, etc.—things that help humanity cohabitate together. Abortion goes way beyond guidelines and laws. It’s about dignity and worth… worth that can’t be mandated, governed, negotiated or taken away because it is above all that.

The abortion debate is not about what we’re “allowed” to do, it’s about what we’re “supposed” to do. It’s not about which ONE has the right to life, it’s about ALL having the right to life. This is something as human beings we should already know, deep down inside of us. It’s something we shouldn’t need laws to tell us. We should just KNOW –like all the other animals and species do – that killing our own young is gravely wrong.

But somehow, we are losing that. Friends, humanity is losing its humaneness. And before you go telling me that’s not true, I want you to read this article and tell me how this is humane. Tell me how humane it is to cut the throat of a baby, crush its skull, burn it with chemicals, or rip its limbs off.

Lions and deer and rabbits and birds… all other creatures on the planet…. know to protect their young. They go to battle for them and risk their lives for them. They do whatever it takes to feed them. They recognize the value of their young and they guard and keep them at all cost. But humanity doesn’t do that.

We make laws that “allow” us to dispose of our young so that we don’t have to provide for them… so that we don’t have to care for them…. so that we don’t have to risk anything for them. Don’t you see what is happening? The top species on the planet is sinking below the animals. WE have become the animals! Slaughtering our young and handing them over to murderers… instead of protecting them. THIS is the real issue of abortion.

Some people won’t take kindly to this. But think about it. What would happen if we cut the throats of dogs? If we burned their bodies, crushed their skulls and ripped their limbs off? They would call it inhumane. And it absolutely would be. But we are doing it to humans and calling it a “right.” Why? Because it happens to live in the womb still? It’s residence doesn’t change its identity. The parts are sold as human parts and human stem cells... so it’s a human.

The pro-choice movement, though, as it tries to politicize abortion, is secretly dehumanizing our species. And once we do that… once we can no longer see value in any life at all… then that is the end of us. Babies is just the beginning. If we can’t see that babies are worth saving, then what will stop us from saving old people, those with down syndrome, the handicapped, the sick?

We need to wake up to the real, terrifying issue of abortion. The sick, inhumane and unnatural issue of abortion. Abortion isn’t about what parents have a right to do. It’s about what is right for parents to do. If we can’t see that, friends, then we are doomed.