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Just Talk to Him

Posted on 11/13/2017 by Stacy Mal

God is listening...

I was listening to Eva talk the other day... she was rambling on in this tiny, little, kinda-squeaky voice that is quite possibly the cutest voice I’ve ever heard. She wasn’t using words correctly, and didn’t totally understand the topic she was talking about, but that only made me love to hear it more. My heart was overflowing. I quietly told the Lord, “I could listen to her all day.” And He replied, “That’s how I feel about you.”

We don’t need to pray perfectly, friends. We don’t need to use language correctly, or totally understand what we are praying about. God loves to hear it anyway. In fact, He could listen to it all day. His Heart is overflowing on you. Just talk to Him. ❤️🙏🏻