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Lights Hanging On

Posted on 12/23/2017 by Stacy Mal

Our Christmas lights fit us perfectly....

So these are our Christmas lights this year. After being up for only 24 hours, half of them burned out... soooo, they no longer go down the top rail or anything. Then a couple days later the nice “W” form on the bottom rail fell in the wind, and is now a sloppy “U” laying in the flower bed. The kids say we need to fix this. But we aren’t going to. One, because they want us to, and it’s kinda fun watching them sigh when we pull into the driveway. 😂 Two, they are quite capable of doing it themselves if they really want it badly enough. Three, we don’t really want it badly enough. Four, the lights kinda fit our family as is... they’re not perfect, but getting the job done. A little battered by the winds, but still hanging in there. Not showy or extravagant or trying to pretend we’re anything more than we are... just a few little imperfect lights strung together, not letting go of each other... hanging on in a sometimes dark world, doing our part to make it a little brighter. I love my family, and our lights. Even if our kids totally hate them. Call me crazy, but I told Tim I don’t want him to fix them. They make me smile. 😂 I giggle every single time I pull in the driveway. Merry Christmas from the Mal’s. 😘