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No Decency??

Posted on 11/3/2016 by Stacy Mal

You can't vote for Trump because you're voting for "decency"... Hmmm... then I hope you're doing a few other things too.

I've seen a couple posts recently pushing for Hillary Clinton because (and I quote) Trump has no "decency." Since little time is left before the Election, I'm gonna be real with you. I'm going to speak more pointedly than I would normally. (So hang on.)

First we need to understand that Donald Trump is a product of a culture that we created. Quite frankly, I'm more offended listening to 10 minutes of trending radio on Rhapsody than a Trump sound byte. (The disgusting lyrics by Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Niki Minaj, the list is a mile long!) I'm more horrified standing in line at the grocery store (shielding the eyes of my children from magazine SMUT) than seeing a clip of Trump on the news. (Really Cosmo?!?) I'm more disturbed seeing the garbage on prime time tv and on the big screen than hearing of Trump's private conversations. (i.e 50 shades of grey, true blood and the Sopranos, etc etc etc. Really?!)

The fact is we have created a sexualized culture where women are CONSTANTLY objectified. Every. Single. Day. From music, movies, magazines, books, pornography, the internet... the freaking half time show at the Super Bowl! Everywhere you turn.

And now, all of a sudden, we're going to sit on our high horse, and gasp at a few inappropriate comments as if our virgin ears haven't heard it before? Now all of a sudden we're going to stand our moral high ground because we simply can't support this kind of behavior? Really?

Where was this outrage at the release of 50 shades? Where was this disdain at the Super Bowl?

If we can't support someone who made private comments, why is it ok to support the celebrities doing it openly in public? You don't want to cast your vote for Trump but you cast your dollar for movies, concerts and pro-sporting events with athletes caught beating women in elevators etc.

You might say "yeah but we didn't elect those people to a position of power." Are you kidding? With your wallet you elected them to some of the worst kind of power -- power that changed the new norm of allowed, acceptable and esteemed behavior.

Ugh. Let's take some responsibility for this. We made Donald Trump. Sorry guys but I can't take it anymore. If you're not voting for Trump on the grounds of "indecency" then I hope -I pray - you're also going to turn off the radio, turn off prime time garbage, and make a complaint at the grocery store. Because that's the only REAL way we're ever going to conform this overly sexualized society.

And if this "indecency" argument is the only reason you're voting for Hillary, then I have to say, there's nothing "decent" about criminal activity. There's nothing "pro-women" about her ties to the Islamic brotherhood (which promotes rape, indoctrination and sex slavery). Or her plans to open our borders to this terrible evil. Just saying.

I'm sorry for my hard-to-hear rant this morning but someone had to throw the truth out there. My goodness. Again, I don't support Trump's comments in any way, shape or form. But let's not pretend this is all new and "unacceptable". It's been "accepted" for decades.

I'm voting for Donald Trump because I believe in his policies - on healthcare, security, abortion, etc, etc. I have faith that he is a good (great) businessman capable of getting this country out of the mess we are in. As for the sex problem in America. That's our job, friends. No one is going to fix that but us. (Though Hillary could make it far worse than we could ever imagine.)

God bless America.