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Play Your Song

Posted on 12/6/2017 by Stacy Mal

What's your gift to Him?

I love music. And I mean love it. Like, LOVE it. It’s so moving and freeing and healing. I’ve secretly always wished I could play an instrument or sing, so that I could compose or produce worship music. Oh… to be able to give the Lord my heart in the form of a song!! To be able to give His people song. Oh, what a gift that would be.

But, I can’t. It's not my gig. But it occurred to me one day in prayer that I have different gifts—gifts that, when given to Him as a form or worship, are received as music to His Heart. For example, I love to write and when I do it, it too is moving and freeing and healing for me. So, I can give Him that. I can give Him back the gift that He gave me. I can give Him my heart in the form of words. I can give His people my words. And THIS is my song.

The question is: what is your gift? What do you enjoy doing? What is moving and freeing and healing for you? Whatever it is, THAT is your song because that is the gift He equipped you with. That is the place He will meet you in. There, in the gift. That's where He will come to you.

It’s Advent, guys… time to prepare Him room. Time to open up and to seek. Time to PLAY. YOUR. SONG. :)

And to all you musicians... you guys have a very special gift. <3